What We Do

Our Work

Karapetian Rubin has represented 1000+ partners in their lateral search as well as assisting 100+ AmLaw firms and prestigious boutiques with their expansion plans.  Our work has focused on putting the client’s interest ahead of ours and personal attention to every representation we take.  Our success is attributable to using a highly collaborative strategy when representing individual partners, groups or law firms.  We use discretion and limit, at any given time, the number of Partners & Groups we can represent with their prospective moves to assure the optimal attention and success.  We also are discerning in restricting the number of Directed / Exclusive searches on behalf of law firms by location / practice to avoid conflicts and assure quality service.

Our Approach

We believe that a partner should only move to a firm with the platform, depth, and culture that will allow them to optimize their personal and professional objectives.  We believe that successful lateral partner/group acquisitions can be achieved with a high level of commitment to a focused strategic plan and clearly defining the attributes of a firm, the practice, opportunity and the partners you are seeking.

Focusing On Your Search

Our team never loses focus on you and building valued relationships by providing honest and informed counsel. What sets us apart from other legal search firms is our dedicated  focus on the  search process — whether finding the right law firm for our partner clients  or the right partners for our law firm clients.
Your Needs & Wants

Partners - We listen to you and help clarify what you want and need both personally and professionally to take your practice to it’s full potential.

Firms – We help clarify and highlight the key attributes of the opportunity you offer and the lateral partner(s) you are seeking.

The Options

Partners - Most major markets have 100+ prestigious AmLaw & Boutique law firms to consider.  We show you the full picture, then collaborate and create a strategic plan, identifying all viable options and empower you with focused and insightful information to help take your practice to the next level.

Firms – Most major markets have 1000+  partners within broad practice areas.  We show you the full landscape, then collaborate to narrow the list of partners to call and educate about the firm’s growth initiative.

Effective Representation

Partners - A potential lateral move involves many difficult and complex decisions, and we are committed to providing you with the best market intelligence, guidance and representation possible to secure the optimal terms in an offer.  Because of our deep understanding of law firms and our close relationships with managing partners and chairpersons, we are able to guide you through this complex process. Before accepting an offer & making a lateral move, we counsel and assist you to develop a joint business plan with the prospective law firm to assure that there is true synergy, a plan for integration and a smooth transition.

Firms – Most often, you are looking for a partner or group that  everyone wants. Our approach provides our clients with the deepest knowledge of the competitive legal market and we “partner” with you to develop a highly accurate and effective presentation. Then our team of recruiters makes multiple attempts to speak with each identified partner and effectively represent the unique nature of the opportunity and assess the interest and viability of the partner(s) for the particular search. Beyond making an introduction, we collaborate with you and the prospective future partner(s) to optimize communication to minimize stress, enhance the courtship through your process, and facilitate a union if there is mutual interest.  

Integrity & Confidentiality

Partners - We are committed to maintaining the trust of those who we represent and ensuring confidentiality.  Partners will never be presented to a law firm without their express permission and all precautions will be taken to protect their privacy.  We will never disseminate confidential information that is shared with us without prior authorization.

Firms – We are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  We will never misrepresent a situation or present a partner without their express authorization.

Our Reach

Founded and based in Los Angeles, a significant portion of our work is in California.  Since 2015, our reach has expanded to most of the major cities in the United States.  We have represented partners or engaged in searches in the following cities.

North East

New York

Washington D.C.


Central & South








Los Angeles

San Fransisco

Silicon Valley

Orange County

San Diego




Las Vegas


Salt Lake City